Superman Change

I made it to Atlanta…and the minute I stepped off the plane I started sweating my balls off!  I really can’t stand humidity (and neither can my hair).  Just in case you don’t remember what I looked like when I got on the plane, here you go:

And yeah, I was totally sweating in that fleece.

So I got off the plane looking pretty fabulous, especially because it was 3:00 am Portland time.  But I headed to the bathroom, washed my face, put on some makeup (realized I forgot my eyeliner…aaah) and changed my clothes in a teeny, tiny bathroom.  Yeah, some other wh*res were changing in the bigger stalls.  I’m just glad I didn’t fall in the toilet.

And this was the final result:

Not bad and I was sooooo much cooler (my balls even stopped sweating).

Then I picked up my sweet ride and began my journey to Northeast Jesus, Georgia.

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3 Responses to Superman Change

  1. Hubbie says:

    Wow!!! You look great in that new dress. I miss you already!

  2. Megan Crosby says:

    My hair f*cking hate humidity and the south too. Good luck! P.S. We want you to guest blog soon.

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