Good (Camping) Eats!

As you know, CTW and family loves food!  Here’s a recap of the food we enjoyed while camping last weekend.

I requested to cook Friday night’s dinner and dessert.  We started off with tortilla chips and mango peach salsa.

I bought this from Winco (there was no way I was going to make salsa for camping) and everyone really liked it.  Yay me!  After I ate about half of the chips and salsa, I decided it was time to move on to the main course.


Those are enchiladas!  OMG, so good.  I stole the recipe from The Pioneer Woman and you can find it here.  I made two pans of enchiladas and we also had caesar salad (one of those salad kit things).

I was really proud of myself for bringing salad because I usually don’t eat (or serve) vegetables.  Carbs are my friend (and my @ss’ enemy).  Then we had this wonderful dessert:

These are Peanut Butter Butterscotch Bars.  Everyone loved them (of course).  And I made them before we left for camping so they were really easy.  Oh and you don’t have to bake them! 

Also, we had a special guest for dinner that night:

That’s my grandma Pat!  And she brought a fantabulous brownie dessert with frosting…this is why we’re friends.

I really wanted to scrape all the frosting off with my fork and devour it, but thought I’d restrain myself in front of company.  Thanks Pat!!

The following morning we had breakfast burritos prepared by my mom and Tim.

We had to crack 30 eggs for those bad boys!  But they were amazing.

For lunch, Jeff and Tomoe made hot dogs and another guest brought fried chicken (I think in honor of G).  This is what G’s plate of food looked like.

Just a light lunch for him.

And even though we’d already eaten all this food we had jambalaya for dinner…prepared by my mom and Tim.

 Yes, those are shrimp you see…we be fancy.  As usual, my mom made enough to feed the northern hemisphere so we were definitely full that night. 

Oh and we needed more carbs so we also had garlic bread and herb and cheese bread.  There was also some salad, but god knows I didn’t partake in that.  We had german chocolate cake for dessert…I had a corner piece, but I was so busy trying to bathe in chocolate frosting that I forgot to take a picture. 

After sleeping off our food from the night before, Laura and Hart made pancakes, sausage and fruit for breakfast on Sunday morning.

Here’s the pancake batter:

And the finished product:

Needless to say, we didn’t go hungry while camping.  And I didn’t take pictures of all the snacks we ate because that would be embarrassing.

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10 Responses to Good (Camping) Eats!

  1. You guys ate well! It has been my experience that meal planning can make or break a camping trip.

  2. Jamie says:

    Last time I went camping we ate well too, it makes it so much more fun. But for dessert we usually stick to the classic s’mores.

  3. Hubbie says:

    Your peanut butter butterscotch bars were deliciously sick babe!

  4. Your meals made me want to go camping with you guys.

  5. Casey says:

    camping pancakes on paper plates are THE best! something about food prepared outside…

  6. Lea says:

    Your grandma is hot.

  7. Tracey says:

    My mom (Gma Pat) said the enchiladas were to die for! Everything looks delish…how do I get an invite to one of these shindigs?

  8. Shannon says:

    Can I get your jambalaya recipe? That looks so good.

    You camp like we do, lots of great food.

  9. thanks for this awesome publish

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