This is How We Camp

Welcome to our camping adventure!!

Well, it wasn’t very adventurous, but we had a good time.  This is where we slept:

Jack prefers to sleep right next to the bed so he can lay his face right on our pillows.  Jack believes that sharing is caring.

Unlike our last camping trip, we had to use the walls in our tent this time!

It’s not a very good wall because you can still take pictures of the people on the other side.

Hi!!!!  That’s my sister, Em.  She went by herself this time so she stayed in our tent.  She really likes to listen to G eat Doritos at 11:00 pm and then proceed to fart all night long.

Mocha was glad she got an entire couch to herself.

My mom did some outdoor decorating that looked pretty cool at night:

These are battery operated lanterns that you can hang anywhere.  My mom got a lot of compliments from other campers…she is so cool.

But here’s my favorite part of the campsite:

The firepit!!  I just can’t resist playing with fire. I know, you’re not supposed to play with fire…especially when your step-dad is a fireman.  I promise I try to be extra careful and I haven’t burned my eye out…yet.

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4 Responses to This is How We Camp

  1. Love Fort Stevens! I remember camping there as a kid, so great! 🙂
    Besides, who DOESN’T love Dorito farts all night long? Puh-leaze!

  2. I love camping. I have a tab on my page dedicated to it.

  3. Gma Pat says:

    Surprised G didn’t blame Jack for the farts. (re: the shirt from a previous post.) And where was Bailey? Sleeping with Em? and farting, too? Glad to be home in my own bed, thank you very much. The lanterns are great, but then your Mom always comes through with good stuff!!

  4. I love that Jack still has his mohawk, cracks me up everytime! 🙂

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