Dumb & Dumber

Because no one trusts us to babysit children, we only get to babysit creatures.  Occasionally, we get to take care of these beauties.

(G always has to copy me when I want him to take a picture of me.  Then he’s like “I want one too”.  Oh my balls.)

Anyway, these goldens are Sadie (Dumber) and Zoey (Dumb).  I used to work with their mom, Kim.  They have a new sister, too (the human kind).

That is Alivia and G really did his best to traumatize the poor girl.

We only got that first picture because he snuck up behind her.  G is so mean (and scary).

Okay, back to the dogs.  We’ve taken care of these creatures a few times and G now calls them Dumb and Dumber.  While they are not the brightest dogs, I think they are adorable!

And even though they have no manners and sleep on our furniture, we don’t care because we basically live in a frat house!

Yes, that is drool next to little Sadie.  She was just trying to get comfortable.  Occasionally Jack also gets on the couch and sleeps on the bed, but I’ve never woken up with this in my face:

That is Zoey/Dumb and I’m pretty sure she read my post about sleeping on a satin pillow case.  And she was seriously a few inches from my face. Where was Sadie/Dumber while Zoey was concerned about her wrinkles?

After I started taking these pictures, Sadie started creeping toward my side of the bed.  And then they both heard a noise outside…

Aren’t they cute?

Once Sadie started staring at me and making me feel uncomfortable, it was time to get up and greet the day…thanks Sadie.  That was basically how the weekend went…dogs sleeping everywhere and in my face all night.  I loved it.

If you’re wondering where Bing was while Dumb & Dumber visited, he ran away…for the weekend.  I’m pretty sure that monster just terrorized other families in the neighborhood.  But, about an hour after D&D left, Bing was back!

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6 Responses to Dumb & Dumber

  1. Kim says:

    Ok this had me laughing so hard. But the best was when Sadie jum

  2. Kim says:

    Oops. When Sadie jumped through the window. Ha!

  3. Sana says:

    Awww the poor baby!!!

  4. Kristy says:

    Is Sadie drooling where Ripley sat on the couch?

  5. Shelly in MI says:

    I love Goldens. I bet they were super funny. And crazy.

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