Do Cupcakes Count as Cake?

If so, then I had 3 pieces of cake on Saturday.  The third birthday I attended was for this chick:

This picture is about a year and a half old.  I know, I am so lame for not taking a picture of the birthday girl on Saturday…sorry Misty!

Anyway, Misty is a fellow harpist.  She actually teaches in the Portland area and is very talented.  She even posts videos on YouTube and we might even be working on a few duets to post too (I have to try to keep up with my famous husband).

So, she invited me over for a little birthday celebration.  Of course there was food and of course I ate…again.  The Spaghetti Factory wasn’t enough apparently.  We had tacos!

And then we had these beauties:

The frosting was almond flavored and so good!!  Then I decided to start rummaging through Misty’s house to find something fun to play with (I know I have issues).  Misty’s always creating/crafting something and her latest creations are masks.  Totally cool masks.


Cool, right?  She has an Etsy site where she sells her masks and she custom makes them too.  I decided to try them on!  Aren’t you excited?!!!

I think this one’s pretty fancy, don’t you?  I also LOVED this one:

It even has eyelashes!  I’m totally balls to the wall about the masks now.  Wearing a mask kind of makes you feel like a superhero.  I don’t really have any superpowers, though, which is kind of sad.  But I am really good at doing this:

Intimidating, right?

And I had to take a picture of this mask (for the music-dork inside of me):

I had an excellent time at the 3rd birthday party on Saturday and I’m trying to convince Misty to give me one of the masks so I can wear it at work.  I can’t wait for my boss to see me.


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7 Responses to Do Cupcakes Count as Cake?

  1. Those cupcakes are making my mouth water all….YUM!!!!!

  2. mmmm those cupcakes do look phenomenal and those masks are fantastic! i need the first one, super fancy!

  3. Nicole says:

    I just read your guest blog over at skinny runner and just had to say wow great post. I think I have things bad cause I cant buy the car I want but then I read about people like you and I cant imagine.

  4. Nicole says:

    I hit send to early im so dumb. I meant I can;t imagine some of things you and your family face but your just so funny and ok about it. This world def needs alot more peple like you in it that can take each day and just enjoy it.

  5. sarahsmodernbites says:

    Are those gold flecks on the almond frosted cupcakes?

    I love that ‘fancy’ mask! Masks are a great to dress up for costume parties without going all out. A hot cocktail dress and a mask. Dude, I wish I could pull that off allll the time hahaha

  6. I love those cupcakes and I love that silver mask! If I could just wear that mask while eating those cupcakes I would be one happy girl!

  7. Love that second mask! Favorited Misty’s shop; hope she adds that one!

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