Let’s Eat Cake!!

On Saturday I attended 3 birthday parties…seriously, I don’t know what is going on in October, but apparently a lot of people are successful in their reproducing efforts.  Anyway, after I ran the race and ate a ton of food, it was time to attend a Neverland birthday for this young lady:

Bella turned 2 and she had a crazy pool party!!

It was actually hot for once in South Jesus so the kids loved the pool.  I was on the verge of traumatizing the children by getting in the pool, but then Bella’s mom, Moraya, brought out this creation:

Bella was totally excited.  And it was a cookies ‘n cream ice cream cake!  Moraya’s pretty talented, she even made a Peter Pan mural on the back of the house.

Pretty cool right?

So after I sufficiently gorged myself, I drove to Portland to celebrate this douchebag’s birthday:

My big bro, Jeff!  And because we like to eat, we went here:


Kai was pissed because he didn’t get a menu and he could barely see over the table.

And then it was time for more cake!!  This time, it was red velvet…so good!

And of course I took a piece because I’d only had one piece of cake so far that day.  After we ate a ton of pasta and bread, Kai’s parents embarrassed him by changing him IN THE PARKING LOT.

They have no manners.  Because of this embarrassment Kai decided he wanted to go home with these weirdos:

He would have gone home with me except that my mom and Tim have a sweet ride.  I guess Kai thinks a car needs all its hub caps.  What a snob!

But once Kai got in the car, he was like “Peace Out, B*tches”!!

Well he didn’t say that, but I think he wanted to.  I’m really trying to get Kai to have his first word be something offensive.  This disturbs my brother and makes him look at me like this:

Yes, he thinks I’m crazy.  He’s right.

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3 Responses to Let’s Eat Cake!!

  1. Jamie says:

    You are too funny! I was having a shitty morning and this put a smile on my face, thanks.

  2. Haha – I love that you referred to your brother as a douchebag. Two birthday cakes in a day? Sounds ideal to me!

  3. Moraya sure did rock the Neverland theme! I want that at my next party! =)

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