Celebrity Sighting

You might want to set your DVR’s so you can see this idiot on tv.

That’s right, it’s your favorite guy, G!!!

He did some extra work for TNT’s tv show, Leverage

And now he thinks he’s best friends with these guys:

George did 3 episodes this season (so far) and the first one aired on Sunday.  Fortunately TNT reruns the episodes all the time so you can see him on Wednesday night!!  Look for Episode 51…G is in the carnival scenes.  If you can’t watch the show, here are pictures of the clips G is in.

Hi-f*cking-larious, if you ask me.  He was pretty excited about the last picture because he got to walk right by all the lead characters (and I think he almost walked INTO Timothy Hutton). 

And please don’t confuse G with this guy:

I know all black people look the same, but that guy actually gets to speak in the show AND he gets paid a f*ckton of money. 


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10 Responses to Celebrity Sighting

  1. You make me laugh out loud.

    Awesome job to the husband of walking around as an extra! That’s actually pretty awesome! Here I am thinking I’m hot shit because I was on my eye surgeon’s billboard… 🙂

  2. Hubbie says:

    You laugh now; but one day you’ll have to dodge the papazzi to spend time with me babe!

  3. sarahsmodernbites says:

    Aaahahahaha awesome. I now feel as though I am somehow connected to Hollywood. Seriously. This is a big deal!

  4. Jess says:

    Hahaha your blog is hilarious! Congrats to your soon to be famous husband!!

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