How about a run?

I had a busy f-ing day on Saturday.  And it all began with a run in Salem.

The Triplets made an appearance:

Is it me, or does it look like Lea is grabbing Kristy’s neck? Hmm.  Here are The Triplets all together:

I also got a sticker because I’m from out-of-town!

Oh and this hot chick also joined us:

Ann Marie is a hard-core runner and we went to college together.

Doesn’t her tan look nice?  Doesn’t mine?  Oh, right, I don’t have any pigment in my skin…I need to work on that.

So the race started and it was fine.  We ran over a bridge,

on a bark-dust path,

and by some dance team members.

The race was nice, except it was a little warm and we didn’t really like running on the bark-dust.  I don’t really like running at all so the bark-dust was the least of my problems.

When we made it to the finish, this creature greeted us and congratulated us on finishing!

Kristy’s dog, Ripley!! (That’s Kristy’s husband, Andy, in the background…doesn’t he look like a giant?)  After we got some water and I stole a million honey sticks and granola bars, Lea and Ann Marie joined me for breakfast at this place:

I guess it was on Rachal Ray’s $40 a Day or something.  I was just happy we were going to be eating.

And this is what I ordered:

Huevos Racheros!  So good, but I thought I was going to explode after I ate THE ENTIRE THING.

It was a good time with good friends.  I still hate running, but oh well.

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12 Responses to How about a run?

  1. Hubbie says:

    You know that you can always bring a doggie-bag home to me; if you can’t finish your meal babe!

  2. My mouth is salivating…and my salad looks pathetic right now!!!!! OMG jealous!

  3. Huevos Rancheros is one of my favorite meals! While not everyone loves to run, its still pretty cool that you did a race anyways!

  4. Carly says:

    Holy deliciousness! That looks fabulous!!

  5. sarahsmodernbites says:

    Girl you look like a running pro in those pics! haha…. I do agree that though you don’t like running it is great that you got out there! it’s all mind over matter for me. I’m training for a half marathon and convinced my boyfriend to go on a 4 mile loop after work today in this sh*tty humidity. I mapped a loop I hadn’t ever run and it was basically all uphill. I wanted to die. I literally almost started crying like a fool haha but I didn’t want to admit I was hurting until he looked at me and was like ‘you asked for this’! Haha I’m glad I did it though. Just means dinner can be EXTRA delicious. Oh, and I sort of rehydrated with a glass of wine. I don’t think that is apart of training but it is a part of my Monday routine.

    • I seriously can’t handle hills or humidity (my hair doesn’t like the humidity much either). And running is the only sport that really makes me want to cry…like seriously cry.

  6. I found your blog from SR….I’m still laughing!! I will be a regular stalker. You could smother my shoe in melty cheese and I’d eat it.

  7. nicole says:

    this is weird but i’ve stalked the last 6 pages of your blog… you are hilarious, gorgeous, and DAMN your man is some eye candy!!!!!!

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