Encouraging Inappropriateness!

Today, I did a guest post on SkinnyRunner!!  I know, she’s totally cra-to-the-zy for encouraging my nonsense.  Anyway, you can check out the post here.  And no it’s not about running, or working out, or eating at Red Robin. 

Do you want to know how cool I feel about this?

Totally westside, gang-banger cool.  Who wants to get beat in to join?

And I’m even a little excited like this:


Rock on, totally rock on. 

Thanks SkinnyRunner…I hope you don’t lose 10,000 readers because of me.

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21 Responses to Encouraging Inappropriateness!

  1. SkinnyRunner says:

    yes i already did but since your funnier than me, ill let it slide. WEST SIDE!

  2. Best guest post I have ever read. Hands down.

  3. your guest post was amazing and i’ve spent the last 30 min. reading all of your pages and a bunch of past posts. and your sponsors are fantastic. think they’d be interested in sponsoring me as well?

  4. Carolyn says:

    I lauged until I cried. Hilarious!

  5. erika says:

    SR, you really lost readers? omg, lame. i actually stopped reading a blog because of a certain blogger’s comments on yours, SR, but that’s old news. ha ha good post, CatasTrophy. 🙂 i too am from the pnw (and live here now, eugene), have a husband that is 19 years older than me (38, 57), he’s middle eastern, i’m super white… AND also barely passed law school; although have not passed the bar and do not use my degree for anything except happy hour chitchat. anyways. love both your blogs, thanks for sharing your lives and laughs.

  6. I wish I knew how to do the hand symbols because then I would take a picture and post it! I think because I’m on the east coast, I’m EAST SIDE?! I was never good at this!
    Awesome guest post! I’ll share my reading time between you and Skinny Runner 🙂

  7. Sana says:

    Bhhahahah! I loved that guest post, so happy to have found your blog 🙂

  8. OMG, I just read the post on SR and left a comment but loves your post so much and it was so funny that I had to stop by and say THANK YOU! I had the most horrible day and needed a good laugh. You had me in tears because I have been through this. It was like a flashback of my life. Best post ever!

  9. carly bon xx says:

    where did it go?? oh no….

  10. Xaarlin @ pain is nothing says:

    I loved your post on SR today! Totally started my day off right with a smile and laugh 🙂

  11. Kathrin says:

    Just finished reading the guest post. FUNNY!
    I can totally relate: My husband is old and black too, but not as old as G! 😉 Our age difference is “just” 8 years, but we decided to throw in another “difference”: the cultural difference. I grew up in Germany and just moved to the US a couple of years ago…. sometimes I think those differences are even bigger than the black and white thing.
    You are so dead on with all of your points, it’s ridiculous!
    Have a great day.

  12. Great guest post! Just added your blog to my must read list 🙂

  13. Megan says:

    Best New Blog EVER!!! Love love

  14. Nicole says:

    I like when rockers to the hand sign because I like to think they’re really just huge Longhorn fans 🙂 PS: Your blog is hilarious!

  15. Kattrina says:

    Too funny – and I can totally relate. I married a Honduran man-boy who is 6 years younger than me and I’m white and blond and old. I actually brought him here from Honduras where he was a bus driver/cowboy. One time we were getting gas and he was washing my windshield and these people next to him asked if he could wash their windshield and fill up their tank. Obviously if a Latino man is washing my windshield he MUST be trying to make money. My neighbors thought he was my gardener for at least six months because he was obsessed with our garden. Nice. I wonder what they thought when he came inside for hours at a time…and didn’t reemerge until the next day.

    His fashion can be great one day and then the next day he wears a nice sweater with sweatpants. And he doesn’t understand that his swimming trunks are not actually shorts – so he insists in wearing them out to eat and run errands. And he watches the worst television ever. It’s embarrassing.

    I could go on – but I’ll stop.

  16. Loved your skinnyrunner guest post!!! Glad to find a new blog!

  17. jillerwich says:

    great post on skinnyrunner! look forward to reading your backlogs and following your blog into the future!

  18. Tricia says:

    Oh my goodness, your guest post was hilarious. I actually did lol, many times. I will be checking out your blog! Too funny!

  19. Heidi says:

    LMAO! Love it!

  20. Daria says:

    Haha. All I could think of was this song when seeing that first picture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKTDRqQtPO8 (White Chicks and Gang Signs).
    I will gladly read your blog cuz inappropriateness is kinda my thing.

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