Guess Who’s Pitching a Tent?!!

I know you’re all excited to see the sleeping quarters for CTW and G while we were camping.  First, it’s important you understand that I have a phobia of sleeping in tents.  I really don’t like them…especially when they get dew on the inside after you sleep in them, that totally grosses me out.  To remedy this situation, my wonderful mom gave G and me a HUGE tent.  It even has walls!  When we got to the campsite, we immediately started setting up the tent because we were afraid it was going to start raining.

My favorite part is putting the poles together.  After we did that, we got out the “erections” (aka directions, but saying erections is WAY more funny).

By this time, Jack was hoping he could stay with Laura, Hart and Julia.

But we persevered and finally pitched the tent!  Welcome to our home.

Want to see inside?  Meet your tour guide:

Sorry, it’s just dumb me.  Anyway, here’s where the magic happens (and by magic I mean G stealing all the covers and farting his brains out…who wants to go camping with us now?):

Yes, those are satin pillow cases…I do everything possible to save my face from wrinkles and I read somewhere that this helps.  Don’t leave home without your satin pillow cases!  Oh, and little Jack’s bed!!

No wonder Jack hates us.

And on the other side of the tent is where we store all our crap.

Now we didn’t put up the walls in the tent this time, we just left it as one big master bedroom.  If someone needs to sleep in our tent with us, we put up walls because we don’t want to see their ugly faces!! Ha ha.

Oh and G wanted a picture with him in the bed (like I don’t have enough pictures of that idiot already).

Aren’t you happy you saw that?  I’m sure you will all sleep better tonight.

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3 Responses to Guess Who’s Pitching a Tent?!!

  1. Hubbie says:

    I’m sleeping better already…just dreaming about our next camping trip in a couple of weeks!

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