Eating Like Fat Pigs!!

Basically the only reason to go camping is to eat food FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!  And you get to eat food that is totally bad for you.  When we go camping, we divide up the food duties.  First up, we had dinner on Friday night.  I made this masterpiece:

OMG, this lasagna is so good.  I stole the recipe from The Pioneer Woman (you can find it here).  Seriously, good stuff.  Also, can I just mention how much I love Ree Drummond and how excited I am for her to have a tv show on the Food Network?!!!  I’m still waiting for someone to approach me about my own reality show…hello BRAVO, WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!!

My mom also made her famous seafood lasagna.  I forgot to take a pictures of it while we were camping so I just have some of the reheated leftovers G ate when we got home.

Still looks pretty good, don’t ya think?  We also had salad, bread and my WONDERFUL coconut cookies that night.  Umm, yum.

The next morning, we had a TON of eggs, hashbrowns, fruit salad and sausage…it was out of control.  And yes, I forgot to take pictures.

Next up: Lunch.

Guess who was responsible for lunch?  The Japanese!  I was excited to see what they’d make.  We had chicken curry and it was fantabulous!!

You can’t tell me that doesn’t look good.  I think I had to take a nap after I ate it…serious comfort food.

Now we had all this extraordinary food around, but one of the campers chose to chew on this:

Oh, you can’t tell what that is?  Let me help you out.

Yes, Purina One dog food.  At least Laura and Hart didn’t have to increase their food budget by much when they decided to have kids.

Dinner Saturday night consisted of pork loin, bread, fruit salad, baked beans and mashed potatoes.

We are totally balls to the wall when it comes to eating at the campsite.  Don’t you wish you went camping with us?  Oh, you don’t want to gain 13 pounds in 3 days like G did?  Well, I guess I understand.

After dinner, it was time for s’mores.  There were a few people who had never had a s’more, but no one was more excited than this dude:

Love it!  Runner-up for most excited was this idiot:That fatso ate about 12 s’mores.  And almost wrestled the kids for their s’mores. Embarrassing.

The following morning we had stuffed french toast casserole prepared by my mom.  It was amazing and pretty much like eating dessert for breakfast.  You can’t beat that.  Unfortunately, I was too busy eating as much as possible and forgot to get pictures of it.  I will try harder (not to be such a fat pig) next time.

So that’s the camping food recap. Let me know if you would like to participate next time.

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15 Responses to Eating Like Fat Pigs!!

  1. MBW says:

    No Current pictures of Mom and Tim, no pictures of the food we made,,just ignored the “Mother ship”. I guess we will just have to start our own blog!

  2. Jackie says:

    LMAO… You crack me up! I love reading your blog and I think you are the cuttest funniest thing ever… You always make me laugh and I look forward to your sense of humor everyday, it’s very refreshing that you don’t take anything too seriously… I love it!

    • Thank you, I’m glad I can entertain someone. G will tell you the only time I’m serious is when I’m yelling at him 🙂 Unfortunately, I spend 90% of my time doing this…you get to read the 10% of me that’s funny.

  3. Candice says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take an entire lasagna camping! I love it!! Totally stealing that idea next time the family goes.

  4. alex says:

    wow! you guys go all out! looks awesome

  5. I want to go camping with you guys!!!
    Seriously that is the best camping food I have ever seen!!!!
    G looks like he is enjoying the s’mores! Haha 🙂
    You two are the best! For real

  6. Emily says:

    Love your BBQ lasagna! I’m writing to BRAVO right now to tell them about you and I’ll be your number 1 TV show fan!

    • Oh, did you notice the lasagna was on a BBQ? We needed to heat it up and that thing worked great!! And thanks for writing to BRAVO, I hope they listen…I also hope you mentioned that I live with a celebrity (well, G thinks he’s a celebrity…does that count?).

  7. Shelly in MI says:

    Try Reeses Cups in ur s’mores sometime. It’s the best.

  8. Erin says:

    I want the stuffed french toast casserole recipe! Puh-leeeze??

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