Beach Babes

On Saturday, there was a brief glimpse of blue sky…

…so we decided to head to the beach.  Yes, this is beach weather on the Oregon Coast. 

Little Julia got right in the sand and asked her cousin, Kai, to play with her.

Kai was a bit perplexed by the whole beach thing, but before we knew it he turned totally “boy” and was rolling in it.

Yay, Kai!! 

Then dumb G got jealous and wanted me to take “famous beach photos” of him.  This basically means he wants to take his shirt off in public.  Neat.

Idiot.  But not to be outdone, I took my shirt off and posed too. 

Just kidding…are you crying now?  Sorry.  I would have been crying if I took my shirt off.  Then G wanted to pretend he married a Japanese girl.

My sincerest apologies to Yuko for my husband hanging all over her.  After they made-out we decided to brave the water.  I put my feet in, G ran from it like a scared little girl (typical for him) and little Joe LOVED it!!

But it doesn’t really get fun until you run around in your underwears!

Shortly after this picture was taken, Joe was toppled by a wave and my big-bro, Jeff, scooped him out of the ocean and gave him to the family standing by.

They stripped him down in a matter of minutes and had him dressed like this:

Pretty much the perfect beach attire, if you ask me!  Umm, and no, there were no bikinis on this beach…sorry to disappoint.

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3 Responses to Beach Babes

  1. Lea says:

    Does G have a new sister wife? I’m jealous.

    • Yes, unfortunately she doesn’t understand that to become a sister-wife you have to be “beat in”. This should be fun!!

      • Amy says:

        omg you crack me up. I found you via SR a few weeks ago and I absolutely love your sense of humor. This comment killed me. I’m a white girl living in the Pacific NW and I have 4 black nieces and nephews which makes me love your blog and sense of humor even more.

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