Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately, I’m having technical difficulties with my laptop and I can’t upload any pictures!  WTF?!!  This is not good when G and I took almost 300 pictures over the weekend…I know, we’re f*cked up.

Because I can’t show you any pictures of G and me, I found a picture of the celebrity couple that most resembles us.  Ice and Coco!!!

And, just so you all understand, I would NEVER pose that way…EVER.  Also, while I like Ice and Coco, I wish we were more like these two:

I love Heidi and Seal.  They totally rock.

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2 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. I love Heidi & Seal too. I can’t wait to see pictures…I’m sure G was on the lookout for some interesting people to take pictures of 😉

  2. Lea says:

    I’m doing your hearings today and I hate you.

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