Eating, Shopping and Dancing at the Country Fair

I know you are all sad that this will be my last post about the Oregon Country Fair, but as sad as it is…it is true.

There were tons of bands performing throughout the fair.  This was the first band we saw:

I really liked the singer’s “microphone”.

After watching this band for a while, we decided to get some food because we have to be eating ALL the time.  One of my coworkers has an Indian food booth at the fair every year so we were determined to find it!  We passed by this on our adventure to find food:

As you can imagine, tie-dye is a very popular look at this event and there was more than one “booth” with ALL tie-dye clothes.  Lea and I found this gem at one of the booths:

So we finally made it to the Indian food…yay!!Sonny’s India House!  We got this:And pigged out.  After this, we ate ice cream cookie sandwiches that were soooo good.  However, we were so busy eating, I forgot to take a picture.  So just imagine two giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a huge scoop of ice cream in the middle. Yes, it was good.

After eating our snack, we began to walk around to see the rest of the fair.  We came across a drum circle where a bunch of people were dancing.

We stayed there a good 20 minutes while G took a million pictures and we ate our ice cream sandwiches.  BTW, these people were not concerned about their dancing skills and most looked like they were high on something. We continued on our journey and saw this:

There were a few places like this where you could get your fortune told or henna painted or other hippie-type stuff.  We should have asked what really happened in these booths, but we are amateurs and only took pictures.

Then Lea and decided we needed to get a present for our missing triplet, Kristy.  In looking at all the people walking around in costumes, we knew there were a lot of options for gifts.  We saw a lot of horns, fairy wings, crowns…it was a difficult decision.  We found an article of clothing in a yoga booth…Lea said it’s a vest:

There were too many hangy things so we didn’t get it.  Then we found some crowns and decided to model them.

Nice, huh?  Kristy almost got a crown for a gift…until we saw this:

What is that, you say?  That would be a condom rose.  Yes, a condom rose.  Want to see it a little closer?  Your wish is my command.

I think you make these with three or four condoms wrapped and folded into a rose shape.  See those “flowers” behind me?  More condom roses…in different kinds.  I know, cool.  Want to know what’s even better?

They come in a plastic rose case!  Oh and FYI, we got Kristy the “Twisted Pleasure” condom rose…the guy said it’s for his and her pleasure.  Neat.  And now I’m grossed out.

After doing all this hard-core shopping we decided it was time to eat again.  I saw french fries on the way in so I decided we had to try them.

G and I got the parmesan-garlic (because we’re sexy like that) and Lea got the Cajun (because she’s hot).  Of course G and I ate all of ours and half of Lea’s because we can’t control ourselves.  Thanks Lea!!

We had a really good time at the fair and there is a TON of stuff I haven’t shown you.  Totally a good time and I recommend that everyone attend at least once.  It’s worth it.

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2 Responses to Eating, Shopping and Dancing at the Country Fair

  1. Hubbie says:

    I wanna go back just for the trance-like dancing!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Condom roses….perfect. It was a delight to experience the fair through
    Natalie’s eyes. She was in awe of the stilt people. Natalie and I wore our purple fairy wings. Loved Steve’s expression when he would see painted breasts (or unpainted =)

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