It’s Hippie Time!!!

Today, George and I are heading to the Oregon Country Fair in Eugene.  This will be our first time attending and I’m a little scared.  I’m expecting a lot of hippies, some weird music, crazy crafts, a TON of food…oh yeah, and nudity.  In reading through the website about the fair, it states:

“In accordance with Oregon law, people are required to cover their genitals in public.”

Umm, thank you Oregon…now I won’t have to watch G strip down to his birthday suit.  I decided to take a picture of my ensemble for the fair, doing my best hippie pose:Okay, I know my pose sucks, hopefully I’ll get some tips from the peeps I hang out with today.  And no, I’m not pregnant, it’s the f*cking dress.  And f*ck you for thinking that.

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3 Responses to It’s Hippie Time!!!

  1. Gma Pat says:

    What…no head band and ‘flower power’??? or is that too old. 😀

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  3. Those kind of dresses give me the same damn impression, They have since all been tossed!! I love your last sentence, Cracks me up!!! 🙂

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