Max Capacity

It took 3 days, two cakes, a trip to Red Robin and a trip to Mexican food, but I think I’m finally tapped out.  I’ve reached max capacity and I’m done eating.  And while we are going to a BBQ today, I think I will be watching G eat…much like I did on this day:And before you ask, G partook in all the same food as me (in larger quantities), but he will totally be game for more food at the BBQ…and will probably insist on me getting plates of food “for myself”, so he can eat them.  My sister’s always said that if G and I had kids, they would probably starve…she is correct.  We are totally balls to the wall when it comes to eating.

So today, while I’m feeling like this:And this:Please enjoy some chips, burgers, hot dogs, shortcake and whatever else is out there for me!

Happy 4th of July!!

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3 Responses to Max Capacity

  1. cbowiephoto says:

    haha… that first picture looked like my girlfriend.. haha..

    What else are you supposed to do on holidays besides eat?

  2. Brian Atkins says:

    I will try to have self control this holiday – won’t be easy but at least I will try 😉

  3. Shelly in MI says:

    Eating is so fun. Holidays just make it easier to do…

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