Strap a Rice Cake to Your Back!

On Saturday, we celebrated the birth of this young chap:Yes, we celebrated little Kai’s birthday.  He wasn’t too thrilled with the hat…or his weird aunt.But he liked me more than his other aunt!!Ha ha, Em!!  Poor little Kai.  His house was invaded by weirdos. That’s Kai’s cousin, Joe.  Joe is a little too much for Kai, so Kai prefers to hang out with his other cousin, Sui.  OMG, they are so cute!  While Sui was okay with hanging out with Kai, she hated everyone else…Yes, G was doing his best to terrorize the children.  Even Julia needed her mom to be present to take a picture with G.At least Kai let George hold him.  Thank you Kai, now G didn’t cry all the way home.  After saying our hellos, we got to eating.And that’s a VEGAN cake!  It was about 10 pounds and had about 5 pounds of frosting on it…no joke.  It was actually pretty damn good, too.

Then it was present time!And then Kai  had to endure a Japanese tradition.  I don’t really understand the tradition, but it has something to do with strapping a big rice cake to little Kai’s back.  I know it sounds weird, but it was fun to watch!  Here’s the rice cake:And here’s Kai walking with it (with a little assistance from his grandma):Like the rest of his family, Kai is motivated primarily by food.  Hey, whatever it takes.  I think this is supposed to give him good luck, yay Kai!  I’m going to try that at my next birthday.

Then G decided he needed to take pictures with everyone.

My mom can't even escape him.

Em and G always have to take a “boyfriend/girlfriend” picture together.  G does this with a lot of my friends/family because he thinks he’s a pimp.  Whatever.  When people started refusing to take pictures with G, he decided to begin molesting the dogs.  Meet Mocha and Max, my mom and step-dad’s dogs.They are in love with him…stupid dogs, they have no standards.  I decided I didn’t have enough pictures of my cake pops so I made G take another.And then I started acting inappropriately…so it was time to leave.

Happy Birthday, Kai!

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2 Responses to Strap a Rice Cake to Your Back!

  1. Lindsey says:

    Oh! I want a boyfriend/girlfriend picture with George.

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