Suzie Homemaker

This might be surprising, but one of my favorite things to do is bake.  I know, unbelievable.  One of my favorite childhood memories is baking cookies with my Uncle Daniel…some of the best times ever.  Also, I blame him for my addiction to cookie dough (and the extra 10 20 pounds that goes with it).  I don’t bake that often, but I love it.

Yesterday I spent the day making cake pops for Kai’s birthday party today.  I’ve never made these before, but after having them at Joy’s baby shower, I had to try to make them myself.  After baking the cake, making the cake into balls and shoving the balls onto sticks, the cake pops look like this:

I used confetti cake to add a festive touch!  It makes the cake look kind of dirty, but when you bite into the ball you can see the confetti cake and I like that.  After getting the balls on the sticks, you have to get ready to work the chocolate.  The chocolate makes all the difference.Aren’t they beautiful?  Then I had to wrap all the little f*ckers up in plastic and white ribbon.  Fortunately, G and I don’t do anything other than watch tv so I had plenty of time to wrap last night.  Here are the finished products!!Aren’t these happy bouquets?  I love them.

I also plan on eating at least 20 at Kai’s party so I went on a run this morning (because if you run for a little while, you can eat WHATEVER you want, right?).  It was pretty out when I left, so I took a couple of pictures.It’s going to be a nice day in South Jesus today!! Oh and I found a shirt from long ago (2004) when I ran the other Run Hit Wonder in L.A.!I ran this race (and cried in the middle of it) with my great friend, Jamie, from law school.

Yet another hair color and, yes, she's short too.

She was serious runner, ran in college and even WON races.  She made me go fast and I cried.  Yes, I am pathetic.

Have a great Saturday!

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19 Responses to Suzie Homemaker

  1. Adrianroxas says:

    I remember picking up the race package (or whatever the F- they’re called) with you guys. Fun times.

  2. Gma Pat says:

    The blue balls are beautiful! Please have one for me at Kai’s B-party. If you can’t handle it, “let George do it!” Love your blog. Happy 4th!!!

  3. alex says:

    Nice cake pops! yum. I heard of your blog through Nikki, she is my BFF and I also know Joy. Love your posts..hilarious!

  4. daniel andrist says:

    …who says there is no blue food? Those pops look faaaaaaaaaaabulous, but they seem WAY too labor intensive for me. Hope they taste as good as they look. Glad to know you are not too old to have fun in the kitchen.
    Uncle Daniel

  5. Cute! And cute homemade idea with the bouquet. What did you use for the blue chocolate?

    • They are called Candy Melts and you can get them at any craft store (I think). I got these at Michaels and saw them at Jo-Ann Fabrics, too. They come in other colors, and you can use food color gel to make the white turn any color. Fun and pretty!

  6. Found your blog through SR….love your take on life and your sense of

  7. Kathleen says:

    Your cake balls are so beautiful! We want some NOW!!

  8. diana says:

    How often in life are you going to be able to say that you made blue balls and ate them too. Hey I figure if you don’t have a sensor then I will leave mine at the keyboard. 🙂 Great pics!

  9. I was surprised to see your Run Hit Wonder shirt. My husband and I live in Tennessee, and we arranged our vacation to NY around that race. I still wear my shirt from time to time as well. That was one of my favorite races of all time. Nothing beats running in Central Park as far as I am concerned! 🙂

  10. Erin says:

    Hi. Found you through SkinnyRunner, and I love, love, love your blog.

    You inspired me to make Cake Pops on the 4th. Mine were NOT pretty at all–not like yours, and I teach cooking! They did, however taste yummy!

    • Wow, I don’t think I’ve inspired anyone before! Glad you tried the cake pops out and who cares what they look like? Not me…I’ll eat pretty much anything that’s made with sugar.

  11. Heidi says:

    Love your cake pops! So cute! Will be trying those!

  12. Megan Crosby says:

    Not only does running cancel out anything bad you eat, I also find if you drink a cup of green tea immediately after eating something bad it cancels it out.

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