Creature-scaping and a SHOUT OUT!

This is a major shout out to SkinnyRunner for featuring CTW on her blog yesterday (you can her post here)!  She has like a million readers and thank you to ALL those readers who viewed my site and left comments!  So cool.  I had no idea there were that many people out there.  However, I was disappointed when there weren’t any paparazzi outside my house this morning.

Today (and this weekend) is VERY busy!!  My nephew’s birthday (Lavontay DeWayne) celebration is tomorrow so I’m making major preparations for that…but first up on the agenda:A little creature-scaping.  And my victim:Oh my little Jack….doesn’t he look nervous/scared?  I took this picture after I already shaved one side!  He’s hilarious!  And he just stands there while I shave him.  Here’s the before:You can barely see the mohawk!  It’s amazing how fast his hair grows and how red it gets.  Here’s after I shaved one side:I didn’t get any pictures of me shaving Jack on the first side because G was too busy rubbing on his car.  Because he wouldn’t help his wonderful wife out, I decided to take a pic of G like this:Ha ha.  Unfortunately, no matter how I take his picture, he still thinks he’s the sexiest man alive.  I just can’t win.

G finally helped me take a picture of shaving Jack’s other side.I think I need a new shaver, but it’s still working, I just have to go over a spot a couple of times to make sure everything is clipped..Jack has very high standards.  And isn’t he standing there so nicely?  He really is the BEST DOG EVER!  After I shaved him, Jack wanted to pose for a picture smiling:And the mohawk’s lookin’ good!  Then he wanted me to throw the ball.Isn’t it cool that you can’t even see the mohawk when he’s sitting in front of you?  Jack is bad-ass.  Kind of like a mullet for a dog…business in the front, party in the back!!  He is seriously in love with his ball.  After I was done throwing the ball, he rolled on it in the yard for 10 minutes.  Weir-do.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and thank you SkinnyRunner for being an excellent promoter!

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8 Responses to Creature-scaping and a SHOUT OUT!

  1. cbowiephoto says:

    haha.. I can’t help but laugh at those pictures of the dog… Sorry, they just made me chuckle.

  2. Kathrin says:

    Seriously, Jack looks like a lion in some of the pics… Hillarious!

    Happy weekend!

  3. Chase says:

    Hilarious! He looks so handsome. Glad SR featured you! Added you to my reader =)

  4. Love the mohawk! What a trooper!

  5. Kim Kauffman says:

    I miss Jack. Such a good, EASY dog compared to my lovelies. Eric is going to shave our dogs again this week and I”m trying to convince him to shave Sadie like a lion 🙂 Hope to see you next week!

  6. Kate B says:

    Love the blog! And I’m a fellow SR follower and will now officially be a CTW follower too. 🙂

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