Hostess Gift

As you know, I went to Steph and Shay’s for dinner the other night.  Lea brought me a new special delivery that day so I brought it to Steph’s as a hostess gift.  You can see Lea’s special delivery from last month here.  I was happy to see that Steph was excited.  This was a particularly good issue because it features “Mrs. Crystal Hefner”…too bad she ran from the alter before getting hitched.  I think it’s great that she called off the wedding so late that Playboy couldn’t change the issue.  I like your style, Crystal.  Publicity first…who cares about what relationships you ruin along the way, right?

Before we talk about Hef and Crystal, we need to meet Miss July, Jessa:Here are her stats:

First, is that really her height and weight?  While I find these stats fascinating, are they correct?  I have to admit that I would totally lie about my height and weight, but I would say I’m 5 ft. 300 pounds…just for fun.

Additionally, I’m glad to learn that Jessa is a bisexual and loves nice boobs and voluptuous hips.  I was worrying about that all day!  Also, in viewing Jessa’s pictures, I noticed that she has very large areolas…more like sand dollars than 50-cent pieces.  Just thought I’d warn you.

Steph liked looking at the centerfold:Apparently upside down, what’s that about, Steph?  To each her own, I guess.

The main article was about Crystal.  Of course there were tons of pictures to accompany the article.It’s a little weird reading the article about Hef and Crystal because it’s written as if THEY ARE MARRIED and madly in love.  Hef even said they’re “soul mates”.  Poor guy, now he’ll have to sit in his mansion with a bunch of naked chicks in his pool…sad. Very sad.

Steph enjoyed reading and taking pictures with the magazine.I think it’s the best hostess gift she ever received.  If you ever need gift ideas, just let me know.

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4 Responses to Hostess Gift

  1. huntingchef says:

    Good blog! Hey you have to check out my new video….taking it to another level sister!

  2. Just found your blog. Very funny. That hostess gift sure beats the hell out of a potted plant!

  3. Amanda says:

    I wandered over from Skinnyrunner ….. I was skeptical as usual, but this post sold me. I need to read the blog of anyone who gives porn as a hostess gift, end of story. Welcome to my bookmarks menu.

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