The Hunting Chef, Part 2

It’s dinner time!!!

The Hunting Chef recently got the Big Green Egg.  He’d made buffalo burgers for me last year and they were so good…pretty much the best burger I’ve ever eaten.  When he was forced to make me dinner and I requested buffalo, THC decided to make a bison rib eye for us on the Big Green Egg.  This was a pretty big hunk of meat…a little scary for a semi-vegetarian like me, but I’m pretty cool with trying anything once.  And it looks pretty good, too, don’t you think?  While the meat was being prepared we had a little picture contest with the other food for the meal.  Presenting, the salad wedge.George took the first, THC took the second and Steph took the third.  I like G’s and THC’s the best.  Ultimately, I really like this one (it was not part of the contest):Uh, yum.  And that’s just the beginning.  We had corn and this masterpiece, courtesy of the lovely Steph.Here’s the complete plate:Are you jealous?  We went outside to eat around the campfire because it was so nice out.  These idiots were excited.I have to admit that I was excited too.  And the food was great.  The company was a little weird, but sometimes you have to hang out with weird people to get some good food.

I wanted a picture of myself, so George started taking pictures…and Steph started photobombing.  This is was the best, ridiculous.  Also, Dr. Pepper, if you’re listening, I would also like to be a spokesmodel for your product.  Thank you.

Steph even photobombs her own pictures.Poor Steph, she has problems.  And what does her husband do to remedy the situation?Nothing.  Thanks Shay.  The only person I can trust at this place is the racist dog.  All-in-all dinner was superb.  I highly recommend making friends with people who can cook.  Along the same lines, it is also a good idea to have friends with a boat…that way you can have all the fun without all the work!  Sweet!

Thanks Steph, Mady and The Hunting Chef for a great dinner!  And check out his blog for some cool cooking ideas.

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2 Responses to The Hunting Chef, Part 2

  1. daniel andrist says:

    You need to network with Stephen Colbert re Dr. Pepper.
    Uncle Daniel

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