The Hunting Chef, Part 1

Last night, G and I drove a million miles to have dinner with Steph and The Hunting Chef (formerly known as Shay).  THC was inspired by my nonsense and decided to begin writing a real blog.  He wanted some help getting it organized so I made a deal…make us some food (okay, a lot of food) and I’ll help.  We arrived and I almost died when I saw this:

Steph was cooking!  WTF?!!  I was shocked.  Steph’s not really a Susie-Homemaker kind of girl, but she made some kick-ass twice baked potatoes.  While she was working away inside, the real magic was happening outside.Meet the Big Green Egg:

This magical contraption is pretty cool and the food it makes is unbelievably good.  You’ll have to check out THC’s blog to find out what it really is because I have no idea.  There is charcoal in it and it gets really hot, really fast.  But the outside stays cool enough to touch…pretty awesome.

While Steph and THC were busy prepping for dinner, G and I snooped around their house and took more pictures of dead things.That turkey scares the sh*t out of me.  Fortunately, we found something alive and this made me happy.This is a robin’s nest outside Steph’s back door.And what’s inside the nest?

Aren’t those little eggs pretty?  I was also happy to learn that THC won’t kill the robin or her babies…YAY!!!

After snooping and taking pictures, I said hello to my favorite, well-behaved baby, Mady…she was very excited to see us again.She was all hippied out in tie-dye and ready to party.  I don’t know how to party, so I started to work on the blog.G didn’t have anything to do so he tried to get the racist dog, Tanner, to bite him.  I think Tanner was almost ready.I really think she’s about to snap.  That would have been hilarious.  Then it was time for Mady to go to bed so she got in her pjs and said goodnight.Love the polka dots, Mady!

As it got closer to dinner time, we decided to eat outside around a fire pit to be romantic.  It was romantic.Until these idiots hijacked my camera.Apparently Steph wanted to say hi to everyone, the CTW way.Thanks Steph, I feel the same way.  Then we sat down for dinner…bone-in bison rib eye, corn, twice baked potatoes and salad.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 to see the complete feast and how Steph loves to photobomb pics.

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2 Responses to The Hunting Chef, Part 1

  1. huntingchef says:

    There is more dead things in the theatre room. I cannot wait to get back from Africa next year so I can decorate your house!


  2. Meganmyday says:

    I am very proud of you for eating buffalo!

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