Procreating in Seattle, Day 1

No, I’m not procreating in Seattle, but thanks for asking.  However, I have TONS of friends and family who are having babies. While I am not partaking in this adventure (at least not any time soon), I am 100% supportive of people who are buying into the idea that having children is fun.  Okay, maybe not 100% supportive, but I am excited for them.  I drove to Seattle on Friday for one of my very best friend’s baby shower.  A little over a year ago, Joy married Matt.  Here’s a picture of the girls the night before the wedding in Mexico.  I don’t know what the hell I was doing.  And no, I wasn’t drinking/drunk at the time.

Joy's in the middle.

And now, she’s expecting a baby in early August.  I know…I told Joy that if she just gave more bl*wjobs, she wouldn’t find herself in this predicament.  Oh well, the shower’s today.

Because I live in South Jesus and Joy lives in Seattle, I had to make quite a drive for the occasion.  And I was not too excited to see this when I tried to cross the bridge from Oregon to Washington.

Traffic completely stopped.  Fortunately, it was a beautiful day and the lady in the car behind me got out to smoke.  This gave me the opportunity to take her picture in my mirror!

I think she’s trying to bring sexy back.  Anyway, traffic started moving and most of the drive looked like this:

Pretty nice, huh?  Finally, I made it to Joy’s house!!

Joy's Modern Digs.

She told everyone CTW was coming for the shower so her friends and family flew from all over the U.S. to greet me (not really).  After we said our hellos, the entire gang went to lunch!

And here’s Joy and me!

Lunch was great and I don’t think I offended Joy’s or Matt’s parents (too much)…I really tried to keep my gang signs and swearing to a minimum (although I’m pretty sure I dropped the f-bomb a couple of times).  Oops.   But look at the view!

After lunch, we went back to Joy’s house to hang out before going back out for dinner and a movie.  This gave me the opportunity to take pictures of Joy’s current children…who are bound to be neglected when the new child arrives.  I told Bella and Rocky they can live with me if they decide they hate their parents.

Rocky is a French Bulldog who completely runs the house.  He’s also on constant guard duty making sure everything is perfect and the neighbors are not messing around outside.

He takes his job very seriously and isn’t he scary?  And when he’s not sitting in the window, he’s usually lying on the couch, resting.

And then there’s the beautiful Bella.  The softest and most hairy cat in the world.  Picking her up is like picking up pile of fur (without bones or skin).

Look at her beautiful eyes!  And she walks around like a lion in an African desert.

Beautiful Bella.  Poor Bella and Rocky have no idea what they’re in for…they just think Joy is obese.

Speaking of obese, I’ve got to get ready for the baby shower now.  I’ve got a couple of inappropriate gifts, so we’ll see if I get invited to any other baby showers after this (I will do a post about the gifts later).

Have a great Saturday!!

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1 Response to Procreating in Seattle, Day 1

  1. Emily says:

    Love your advice on how NOT to get preggo! Ha ha … as usual you have me cracking up! I hope that sweet dog and cat make the transition.

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