Work Excursion

Yesterday, Kristy and I decided we needed to go on an excursion.  We usually go somewhere on Thursday because the week’s almost over and we need to celebrate.  We went here:

A new Ulta opened up near work and we wanted to check it out.  It was magical.

Kristy and I had coupons for $3.50 off a $10 purchase.  We started to look around and I found these by Philosophy:

Because I want to “be somebody” and I love coconut frosting (any frosting really), these two were perfect for me.  We also discovered that the lighting’s great for pictures in Ulta. Philosophy, let me know if you need a new spokesmodel…do they have spokesmodels?

Kristy decided to model some of the accessories:

Love! Then I had to get in on the modeling action…

Guess I need some practice.  After modelling we continued looking around for stuff to buy…and that’s when I saw this:

Heaven!  That’s just beautiful, isn’t it.  Ulta was having a “buy two for $6” sale on the Ulta brand nail polish and, while I’m devoted to OPI and Essie, I can’t pass up a good deal.  So I bought these for $8.50:

These are the colors, from left to right: Bam-Blue-Zled, Sweetheart Pink, Baby Doll, and Mint Condition.

Kristy got these:

From left to right: Capri Coral, Baby Doll, Wicked and Fuchsiamania.  Not bad, Kris.

In honor of my new polish purchases, it was time for a new nail color.  This time, Essie’s “Merino Cool”.

I need new suggestions for nails colors…are there any colors/brands you can’t live without?  Please post in the comments!

I’ll be driving to Seattle today for a busy weekend full of a baby shower, a 5k walk and brunch with friends. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Work Excursion

  1. les says:

    I’m thinking you need to break out of the box and try oh la lavender by OPI.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more by saying the store “Ulta is magical.” I really love that store, reminds me of Sephora. I know I’m late on this post.. but just felt the need to chime in on my “love” for Ulta, also. P.S. I LOVE your blog!!

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