LaVontay DeWayne Celebrates #1

A big happy 1st birthday to my nephew, LaVontay DeWayne!!!

Well okay, that’s not his real name.  His parents decided Kai was a better name.  Whatever.  George and I decided a few years ago that IF we decided to have kids AND we had twin girls, we would name them Shaniqua and Sharmoniqua.  Aren’t those great names?!!  I think it would be hilarious.  My mom does not think it’s very funny.

Because we don’t have any kids together, we like to pretend we’re Kai’s parents when we’re with him.  And so we change his name to something way cooler, like LaVontay DeWayne.  We use different names each time and I’m pretty sure Kai loves this.  So on his first birthday, his name is LaVontay DeWayne!  In honor of the little bundle of joy, here are a few pictures from his first year.

LD doing an impersonation of a burrito:

The proud parents (who don’t know how to pick a cool name for their kid):

LD, participating in one of his favorite activities…chewing on strings:

And finally, LaVontay DeWayne with his two favorite peeps:


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3 Responses to LaVontay DeWayne Celebrates #1

  1. Heidi says:

    I needed a goo laugh on this stressful day! Thanks!

  2. Heidi says:

    Good…yes, I am a teacher!

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