Playing Dress-Up with a Metrosexual

I think I’ve mentioned that G is trying to be a celebrity.  He does some part-time work as an extra for tv shows, movies and other filming that happens in the Portland area.  As an extra, you have to bring your own wardrobe and additional options so the crew can dress you.  So this week, he’s supposed to be an extra wearing a tux or dark suit.  G hasn’t worn business attire to work since we moved to Oregon over 6 years ago.  And we’re basically white trash, so there’s no need to dress up for anything.  Thus, G does not have a tux or a dark suit.  But for this “role” we decided to get G all done-up.  We headed here:

Note to self: Always take pictures with huge signs…it makes you look tiny!

We don’t really shop at this establishment often, but we heard they were having a great Father’s Day sale so we thought we’d take a look.  This was how George looked when we got to the store:

For a metrosexual, I thought G would be more excited about this experience.  I blame his attitude on the lack of food intake….that lemonade diet is really starting to take its toll.  He’s like Ghandi without a cause.

It’s usually pretty entertaining to take George to buy clothes because the salespeople often make border-line inappropriate comments about his physique.  This time, the saleslady said, “Ooh, he does have big arms”, rubbed his arms and giggled like a schoolgirl.  At least that made G crack a smile.  After we found him a jacket, I made him try on a whole outfit…and that’s when George almost burned down Macys.  But, guess who won in the end?

Me, of course.  And doesn’t he look so nice?!!  We didn’t end up getting that tie, but we got a jacket, two shirts and two ties!  Not bad.

Then in order to try to get George to stop being so pissed off, it was time for a prize.  And what does a metrosexual like more than clothes?

The Clinique counter!!!  G thinks he needs a lot of face products to get camera ready, so this saleslady helped us out (and gave us a lot of free stuff).  Of course, G tried to use all the testers while we were there.

And while G was busy staring at himself, I remembered that I needed something for my crows feet!  Fortunately, there was gift set that included eye cream, moisturizer, eye shadow, lipgloss, mascara and a free bag!!

I’m a sucker for a free bag…well, a sucker for anything really (not in that way, sickos).  So this is the loot I got:

And G got this:

The only thing G bought out of this was the “Even Better Clinical”…the rest was free!  Totally cool.

Now G is camera ready.

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2 Responses to Playing Dress-Up with a Metrosexual

  1. steph nanna says:

    uhhh shopping, that sounds awful…

    next time you go to a bar in portland though, let me know…i want to come and drink the beer you dont drink:)

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