Real Men Wear Floaties

And now it’s time for the long-awaited post about AQUA JOGGING!!  I met these two peeps for class on Wednesday:

G and Lindsey

Lindsey and I are experts at aqua jogging now that we’ve gone 5 times…so this was really an experiment to see if black people can swim.  Here’s our test subject:

I’ve seen George swim before (where he was in a shallow pool or on an air mat), but I’ve never seen him in 12 foot deep water.  Needless to say, I’m not sure he knows how to stay up without having the benefit of salt water.  Thus, we began to prepare him for an amazing experience:

First we added the belt

This is what the belt looks like from behind:

You couldn't pay me enough to pose for this picture.

And because G is 97% muscle, the leader recommended we put ankle floats on him to make sure he didn’t sink to the bottom of the pool and die.

Almost ready…

Ok, now he’s ready.  All went well for the first 40 minutes of class.

Look, no one's drowning!!

Then we started to work with this contraption:

The Noodle!!

Now most people don’t think of the noodle as something very tricky or unusual, but G almost drowned trying to use it. We were instructed to take off our floaty belts or ankle floats to work with the noodles.  And this is when the flailing began.

G worked really hard to stay above water, but after about 5 minutes of flailing, an almost drowning incident and Lindsey and I laughing so hard we were crying, we figured out that G needed to have the floaty belt on (I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of George with only his lips above water).  It was actually the instructor who said we might want to do that because she didn’t think there was anyone strong enough to get George off the bottom of the pool if he sunk.  And while those would have been cool pictures for the blog, I didn’t think G’s family would like them so much.

Luckily, the noodle workout only lasted for 10 minutes and George didn’t die.  It was a good time and I even took a bikini shot for you:

Just kidding!  I didn’t want one of YOU to nominate me for The Biggest Loser and I wanted to spare you from having the image seared into your brain for all of eternity…don’t say I never did anything for you.

As for the results of our experiment, I’m pretty sure black people can swim, but I’m not so sure G can.  We will have to do follow-up experiments.

Now I’m off to carb-load for the 5k tomorrow.  Bring on the lasagna, french bread, chips, crackers and everything else I can find with flour in it.  Actually I don’t feel like sh*tting my pants tomorrow so I guess I won’t eat the chips.

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4 Responses to Real Men Wear Floaties

  1. Lindsey says:

    I am still laughing… I’ll be laughing for a while I’m sure.

  2. Michelle says:

    LOL!!! Found the aqua jogging posts! OOOO I think I ❤ you!!!

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