A Birthday Celebration!

It was one of The Triplet’s birthday yesterday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEA!!  We brought her flowers:

And cupcakes:

And then decided we needed to take pictures of us eating the cupcakes…because what’s more attractive than that?  Umm…I really can’t think of anything.

I wanted this cupcake! I hate that the "birthday girl" gets to pick first. Who made that dumb rule?

I love our reading material in this picture, we are on a constant quest to gain knowledge.

I really don’t agree with taking pictures of myself while I’m eating, but once again, peer pressure won out.  Also, I really hope my skin has more color in it than this picture shows.

We are really going to celebrate this weekend at Red Robin (as long as we don’t die running the 5k).  Bring on the fries.


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