So I’m supposed to run a 5k in a week.  Kristy convinced The Triplets we should stop being so fat and run (personally, I think it’s fun to be fat…my clothes disagree).  I used to run short races all the time, but haven’t in about 4 years.  Why?  Because I suck at running.  And I really don’t like to do things I’m not good at (this is probably the reason I don’t do that much).   To “train” for this race, I was here this morning:

I’m a very slow runner (more like a fast walker), but whatever.  The run was ok, it was a little warm and I almost died (don’t eat Taco Bell the day before you run…well, don’t eat a TON of Taco Bell the day before a run).  But overall, I did better than expected (because I didn’t die).  While I’m pretty sure one training run is enough, I will attempt to go out again tomorrow…I should be totally ready after 2 runs, don’t you think?

Now I have to go spackle my face in makeup because I can’t stand to sit in a salon (in front of a mirror) gettin’ my hair did without makeup on.  It’s HORRIFYING.

Have a great Saturday!!

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