Getting Wasted

Contrary to popular belief I do not drink alcohol…for no reason except that I just don’t like the way it tastes.  Most people are shocked by this and a colleague once said “oh, so I guess that means you do drugs before you come to work” (he is one of my most favorite coworkers now).  There have also been occasions where I’ve been talking to someone at a party/dinner and they are like “are you sure you’re not drunk?”…and no, I wasn’t, that was just my normal, apparently drunk, personality.

So when I get wasted, I drink this:

My Beloved Diet Dr. Pepper!!

This was a gift from Lea because I recently developed a great skill at getting out of traffic tickets.  I got my ticket dismissed, my sister-in-law got $71 knocked off her ticket and most recently, based on my fabulous advice, Lea got her ticket dismissed!  Isn’t that incredible?  So Lea paid my attorney fees in the form of Diet Dr. Pepper (I usually charge people in sexual favors…oh wait, sorry, that’s how I get promotions or new jobs).  And since it’s Friday, it’s party time (read: G and I sit around watching tv and drinking pop).

Tomorrow: salon time!!

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