The Triplets!!

You’ve already met my friend, Lea, and now it’s time to meet my friend, Kristy.  She got married in October…I know, we tried to convince her not to do it, but she didn’t listen.  We all work together and started on the same date.  This is what I call friendship by default.  I tried to stay away from them, but they wouldn’t leave me alone…and there weren’t really any other people I could stand to hang out with.  So now we’re friends.  And because we aren’t very good at making any other friends, we pretty much only hang out with each other.  Hence the nickname “The Triplets”.

The Triplets do a lot of very interesting things together.  Our favorite part of the day is when we go to this place:

The Circle-to-the-K

Every day at approximately 11:30 am you can find us here “busting our thirst”.

44 ounces of pure heaven.

Sometimes Lea will act as a spokesmodel for certain products, like the Turbos Flamas!:

And because we are pretty sure Kristy will get fired soon, we let her practice her skills at what’s bound to be her next job (working the drive-thru).

I think she has a future in management, don't you agree?

And of course we pose for pictures so we can practice for when paparazzi are following us around because we’re so cool.  Obviously, we haven’t developed the skill to “look natural” when pictures are taken.

The Triplets have a pretty good time together considering how much we hate each other.  Please let me know if you would like to go on a Circle K run, we’re experts (and we re-use our cups like good tree-hugging Oregonians…we also get a 10 cent discount!!).

And for the color of the day…”Fifth Avenue” by Essie.  I thought I’d wear this in honor of the fact that the sun is supposed to shine for the first time since August…about f*cking time!

Don’t you just love that I put my big, fat face in this picture with my nails?!!! Perfection.

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3 Responses to The Triplets!!

  1. Hubbie says:

    I think the triplets have a bright future in sales marketing for Circle K, aka, K-hole!

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