After Cleanse Eating

Most people do a cleanse to lose weight and/or cleanse their bodies of toxins and kind of start over.  Usually, these people will go off a cleanse by eating fruit and vegetables, broth-based soups and work their way back to eating more normal foods.  How does George go off a cleanse?  By eating this:

There's nothing like Betty Crocker and Doritos!

I’m not joking.  And I shouldn’t lie, when I did the cleanse before I would go to Red Robin or eat a box of cereal after cleansing (hey, I needed carbs!).  And I do know this is unhealthy eating and I don’t advocate it.  But it is totally fun to pig out.  We are The Fat Pigs.  And we don’t like to use bowls or other dishware if not totally necessary.  Just give us the food in the container with a fork or spoon, thank you.

There's no shame to his game!

And I apologize to my Uncle Daniel, who is probably horrified to see that I made brownies from a box.  I promise, I can still bake from scratch…sometimes it’s just easier to add some eggs, oil and water and shove it in the oven (especially when your husband doesn’t share so you don’t care how it tastes).

The color of the day is “Well Read”by Essie….mostly because I’m not.

It's more red in real life...I think I need a new camera.

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