Chores and Danger

Today is a typical day of chores.  I make a list every weekend of the things I want to accomplish by Sunday night.  Luckily I have until Monday night to accomplish my chore list this week so today I only tackled the bills.  That was enough for one day.  I went outside to recycle some paper and found this:

Yes, that is Ding on the roof of our shed in the backyard.

Apparently, even little Ding wanted to kill himself after looking through the bills!  He then tried to impale himself on the fence when he jumped off the roof, but don’t worry he is fine and resting inside now.

It’s fight night at the neighbors tonight, so we’ll head over there in a bit to watch people beat the sh*t out of each other.  Very romantic.

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2 Responses to Chores and Danger

  1. Laura says:

    Ugh, have you heard of a lawn mower? You need to add “mow the lawn” to your to do list this weekend. Are you trying to make Bing into a jungle cat?

    • We do mow the lawn! We just only mow half of it in the back (our front yard is the BEST in the neighborhood, thanks). Bing likes to be a jungle cat and Jack likes to pretend he’s in the wild so we leave part of it wild for them. This is the first year we haven’t mowed the entire thing. We like the jungle look!

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