Dining, Oprah and Polish

Today was a rare day that G and I woke up together (and I’m not talking about the sexy-time kind of way, sickos).  Usually, one of us is going to work while the other is sleeping.  Because I work Monday-Thursday and he usually has his days off during the week and works the weekends, we rarely wake up together.  This is probably one of the reasons we’re still married.  The problem with this is that it is weird to have him home (and awake) when I get up.  Because we don’t have a routine.

So G gets up and I lay in bed trying to figure out what to do for the day.  He has to go to some “big acting job” tonight, but he doesn’t have to be there until 6:00 pm or something.  I tell him I want to go out to lunch.  Now we have to figure out how he’s going to go to get all his primping done, take 2 showers, go to the gym and go to the lunch…all before 2:30 pm.  What do I have to do?  Throw on some clothes, wash my face, put on some make-up (10 minutes worth) and I’m ready.  And that’s why I look like this:

And he looks like this:

G thinks he's so cool in his little workout outfit.

It’s not fair that he looks that good in workout gear.  I mostly look like a hot mess when (and if) I workout.

So we went to lunch and ate a lot of chips (George wanted to demonstrate):

Isn't he excellent at posing?

After lunch, we bought a new shredder (totally exciting) and I came home to try to shred everything in the house (fortunately, we also bought the extra warranty).

Then G left to go workout like a machine and I began watching Oprah.  I’ve been watching almost every episode for the past year, knowing that it was almost the end.  And I’ve cried watching almost every damn episode.  WTH?!!  So today I watched the last 3 episodes. And I’m pretty upset that (1) I’ll never be on Oprah, (2) I’ll never be in the audience for “Favorite Things” and (3) that Oprah will not have the opportunity to meet me and realize I need my own show.  I’ve also realized that I need a party like Oprah’s surprise party at the United Center.  G, are you listening?  Our 5th anniversary is coming up and I’m pretty sure Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Diane Sawyer, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Oprah want to celebrate with us!

Oh and before I forget, I repainted my nails last night.  Today’s color is “Mink Muffs” by Essie.  It’s a grey-brown color.

Have a nice long weekend and thanks to everyone for reading my nonsense very informative thoughts during the debut week of my blog!!!

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3 Responses to Dining, Oprah and Polish

  1. Hubbie says:

    I almost jumped in while Timothy Hutton was playing catch with the football just now…Then I realized he was probably trying to relax between scenes & didn’t feel like entertaining a complete stranger on the set!

  2. Kim Kauffman says:

    I have that color of nail polish too. I almost bought you one yesterday because it was Essie’s “Trophy Wife”. Fitting don’t you think??

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