Friends, Creatures and Dinner

Tonight I went out to dinner with these ladies:

Michelle and Kim

They were my coworkers when I was a kick-ass mediocre, well, an almost disbarred family law attorney.  Aren’t they lucky?!!  Surprisingly, they sometimes still agree to see me in public.  So we met at Kim’s house.  She had a baby, Alivia, in August, but who cares about babies when she also has these two loveable babies?

Beautiful Sadie. She has a bit of a barking problem, but we still love her.

The best thing about Sadie is that when we dog-sat her, she hated George and looked at him like he was an alien.  It was the most fun EVER.

And this is Zoey...isn't she just adorable? I'm pretty sure she wanted to leave with me.

Sorry, if I had to choose between babies and pets, I would choose pets!  So we met at Kim’s, visited the pups (and the baby) and then decided we would go to my favorite restaurant, where the coasters look like this:

Yes, I know I’ve been to Red Robin twice in the last week and I promise this is unusual.  I just can’t figure out why I remain so fat?  It couldn’t possible be because I eat my (rather high) weight in fries, could it?  Whatever, I’ll think about that later.  But really, who doesn’t LOVE bottomless fries?  And I found out they have gluten-free fries, too.  I didn’t try them, Kim ordered (and ate) them.

I was pretty excited about dinner and gossiping with the girls.  I ordered the Chicken Caprese Sandwich with the chicken on the side.  The chicken came like this:

What?  Is that weird?  Well, I don’t really like meat so I figured I could save it for George.  This is what it looked like when I got home (I shoved the whole thing in my purse!).

Chicken in foil...fascinating, huh?

I’m sure George is excited about it, but he’s not here to tell me because he’s trying to become a celebrity so I don’t have to work.  Go George!!!

And a blog post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me. So here you go:

I know my face looks weird, but I think my boobs look great...this rarely happens.

Thanks for a great dinner Kim and Michelle!!

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1 Response to Friends, Creatures and Dinner

  1. sheila says:

    Your face does look great and your boobs look really good too! 🙂 YOU GO GIRL!!!

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