The Creatures

It’s now time to meet my most beautiful children.  First, we have Jack.

Isn't he the most beautiful dog?

And we also have this monster, Bing (I did not name him, G did…I have no explanation).  I usually call him Ding.

He won't wear the collar anymore...he's too cool for jewelry.

Jack and Bing are very different.  Jack is very sensitive and just wants everyone to be happy.  George is always telling me that I’m upsetting Jack when I yell at him (George, not Jack).  And it’s true, Jack will hide when I yell or cry (this usually happens at the same time).  And Jack always wants to be part of the family and he’s very jealous of any affection that does not involve him.

To counteract how sensitive Jack is, I shave his hair into a mohawk, like this:

He's pretty hardcore.

It really cuts down on the hair all over the house and I think he feels like a bad ass.  Jack is now 10 years old (he’ll be 11 on July 31st), but I’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old.  He survived me attending law school and studying for the bar.  He’s a very brave dog.

I guess the mohawk doesn't help that much when he sleeps with his favorite stuffed animal. Oh well, a girl can try.

Now Bing is a monster.  He may look sweet an innocent, but he kills mice and sometimes birds.  I always say Bob Barker would be proud because Bing helps control the mice population in our backyard (well, I’m pretty sure BB would be proud…I mean he didn’t want all those stray dogs and cats around so he probably didn’t want a lot of mice around either, right?).  Also, Bing can’t resist attacking feet under blankets, the toilet paper roll or strings.  He has no mercy and is vicious.  Look at what he tried to do to my camera:

Isn't that scary?

While Bing may be a monster and is nothing like Jack, he does love his older brother.  They even sleep with each other, on occassion.

Aren't they sweet? That's our old creature, Thing, in the back. He died.

Please stop looking at our bed, sickos.  And yes, I realize our bed looks like it’s from a frat house.  STOP LOOKING AT IT.

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2 Responses to The Creatures

  1. Hubbie says:

    Our old cat’s name was Sunny; & his nickname was Thing. Bing was named to rhyme with Thing!

  2. Heidi says:

    I love your blog, but I still can’t believe you fricking have one. Whatever! It is hilarious! My life is definitely not interesting enough to have a blog. There’s a billion mom blogs, but no aspiring trophy wife ones! I’ll continue to be a dedicated follower!

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