Santiago de Compostela

Hola! I met J in Santiago de Compostela on Sunday night. He had been walking the Camino de Santiago for about 35 days at that point. He started in St. Jean Pied de Port in France, walked about 800 km (500 miles) and arrived in Santiago on Sunday afternoon. It was almost dark when I got there, but still beautiful:

We did a little exploring and found a chocolate shop. It smelled absolutely incredible!

We even stopped by the next day just to smell it again.

Exploring the city on Monday was great! The weather was cold, but it was so sunny! I love cold, sunny weather. And the city is just beautiful.

That’s the Cathedral de Santiago where the many of the Camino de Santiago routes terminate. J has been wanting me to walk with him for a long time (he’s walked various routes of the Camino a few times), but I haven’t wanted to use 30 days of vacation time to walk across Spain. We decided that I’d join him on a three/four day walk from Santiago to Finisterre. It’s about a 52 mile walk and I was pretty excited to start walking on Tuesday morning:

We had a 13.2 mile walk planned that day, from Santiago to Negreira. It was actually a 19 mile walk, with the last 6 miles being uphill. Such a fun surprise…

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Thanksgiving and More Travel!

I’m writing this from JFK airport on my way to Spain! It’s been been quite a crazy few weeks, but I’m so excited for this trip. Let’s back up a bit, though, because my dad was just in Portland for Thanksgiving!! We got together a few times during the week and as always, it was pure craziness. This picture pretty much sums up how it is when we all get together:

One big f*cking blur of people. And this is what happens when the kids (and Jon!) realize I’m trying to take a selfie:

We went to my sister’s house for dinner on Monday night and it was quite the crowd with my dad, Jon, Carlos, Jeff, Tomoe, Kai, Kaz, Emily, Jamison, Elijah and Kennedy.

On Thanksgiving, we all went out to eat! This is the second year we’ve gone out and it is probably one of the best ideas my dad’s ever had. It’s so much easier to just show up, eat a ton of food and go home – it’s like being a kid again! There aren’t any leftovers, but it’s much more relaxing for everyone.

We even remembered to take group photos, too! I can’t believe how much the kids have grown up. Yes, Elijah is about 9 feet tall now.

Thankfully, the adults haven’t aged a bit.

Kennedy found a vent to stand on and asked me to take a picture. Kaz had FOMO so he joined her!

And finally, the entire cast of characters!

Needless to say, we had an awesome Thanksgiving!

And I was awake bright and early this morning to catch my flight to JFK. I’m meeting J in Spain for a couple of weeks (yes, we’re still together!). We’re going to walk the Camino de Santiago for a few days and then head to The Canary Islands. I hope to do a lot of nothing.

Oh, and one last thing, I decorated for Christmas last week:

Biff is already looking for Santa! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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Ziplining, Yoga, Food!

Even though we surfed what felt like 20 hours/day, we also had time to do some other stuff that was pretty cool. Our day off was Wednesday, so we started with a nature walk and then did ziplining in the afternoon. I’ve been ziplining before, but this was the most incredible ziplining experience. The zipline tour is the longest in the world and it has the longest single zipline in North and Central America (I think!).

Jing and I were also pretty excited because we looked so cool in our outfits…

It was so fun and the views were unbeatable. Before our last zipline, we walked to a waterfall.

It was a great place to spend the afternoon. I highly recommend ziplining if you’re in Nosara!!

As a part of our retreat, we had yoga three times during the week. When there is a bigger group of surfers, Adilia brings a yoga teacher to the house, but because there were only two of us, we went to Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort for our classes and it was beautiful!

There’s an open air yoga studio, an open air aerial studio, a spin studio, and an enclosed area for yoga and other classes. Jing and I chose to go to restorative yoga, yoga for surfers, and a sound meditation. We loved all the classes and the resort is awesome…even just to walk around.

I know I’ve already written a bit about the food we had, but it deserves more photos. We ate so well while we were there. Food was also included in the retreat and our cook did such a great job! She made vegan food for me and there was always a lot to eat (yay!). I loved that lunch and dinner always included a giant salad. If I had someone to make me salad every day, I would be a better person eat more vegetables.

Homemade falafel and vegetables
Traditional Costa Rican breakfast
Fresh watermelon smoothies after surfing
Best breakfast after surfing!

We were able to go out to dinner three times as well! Two of the dinners were included with the retreat and the other we covered ourselves. I loved the dinner we had at La Luna. It’s located on the beach and the setting is just beautiful.

That was the view from our table. Also, the singer/surfer Jack Johnson was sitting at the table to the right of us. No, I didn’t get a selfie with him because I’m not a total psycho.

I ordered the hummus platter and it was huge! Naturally, I ate the entire thing. I also told Jing and Adilia that I wouldn’t be sharing with them. I’m so nice.

I honestly can’t explain how much I enjoyed this trip. It was really the best present I could have given myself and I hope to go back again and again and again.

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