Back in Business

As you may have guessed, it’s taken me some time to get back in the groove after returning from Palm Springs. After doing nothing for about a week in Palm Springs, we flew home Tuesday, I returned to work on Wednesday and…I was exhausted. Why? I have no idea, but I pretty much felt like this all week:

Anyway, after about 800 self-care appointments I think I’m back in business. Maybe not 800, but I got my hair done Wednesday, a facial Friday and a pedicure yesterday! And no, this stuff did not cost a million $$. I go to a beauty school to get my hair done so it’s only $30 for a bleach touch-up and $6 for a haircut and I had a free(!!!) facial. I was also way overdue for my pedicure so, in the long run, I may have saved myself from an additional pedicure this year!

The best part of all of this self-care was that I got my pedicure with my mom! It was also a belated Mother’s Day celebration. I really love that we started getting pedicures together a few months ago. And this time, I even remembered to take a pic of us:

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High Hopes

Before I came on this vacation I had high hopes to get a million things done! Nothing major, but I knew we didn’t have a lot of plans while we were here and we even had entire days with no plans. I thought I’d read a ton, write a bunch of blog posts, hike most days, and basically figure out the meaning of life.

What did I end up doing? A bunch of nothing. Well, that’s not exactly true. George and I did go on one hike:

Yesterday, we drove to LA to see my dad, his partner, Jon, and Jon’s son, Carlos. It was our only chance to see everyone so it was definitely worth the drive. They made reservations for lunch and we drove together once we got there. A couple of years ago, we all rode together with George, Carlos and me sharing the backseat. We took this picture:

And I thought we should take another one yesterday. Jon was sitting in the passenger seat so I gave him my phone. It was a bit of a fiasco and he accidentally took some candid photos of us. This one is my favorite:

Jon’s thumb is in the picture, Carlos looks thrilled to be squashed by George’s giant arm, and I look waaaay too happy about all of it. Here’s the best posed one.

Much better. And then after having lunch, we took a group picture:

We were standing in order of height and we all had our bodies in weird positions. We need to get out sh*t together next time, you guys.

Anyway, all we did while we were here was drive to LA twice and hike once. Otherwise, we just hung out, watched tv, and vegged out. It’s been pretty nice and we head back to Portland tomorrow morning. I’m already planning my next trip back.

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I don’t think of myself as a tourist when I visit Palm Springs or LA because I lived here way too long for that to be true. But G still thinks of himself as a tourist and he lived here for 30 what do I know?!

Anyway, on Thursday, we acted like tourists when we went to LA for the day. We met my dad for lunch, which was awesome, and then we had some time to kill before meeting up with some friends for dinner. George was dying to see Shaq’s statute outside the Staples Center (ugh) so we headed there first. I was a little bored when G was taking 100 pictures of all of the statues so I entertained myself with selfies.

This is the statue George wanted to see:

I have to admit that it was kind of cool. Not your average statue. After taking a million pics, we hurried over to The Grove to see a movie. We had a few hours before we were meeting friends for dinner and a movie was the perfect way to waste a bit of time, especially since the weather was not that nice in LA and it was actually kind of cold. F*cking LA.

We saw The Intruder, but we were mostly there to eat 10 gallons of popcorn.

Total fatsos. So embarrassing. After the movie, we walked all over The Grove and went into just about every damn store. We finally parked it in Barnes and Noble for about an hour and did a little people watching. And that’s when I saw a celebrity! To be fair, I didn’t know his name, but I recognized him from the tv show The Shield and S.W.A.T. His name is Kenny Johnson and he was there with his daughter. I told George and George was super excited. And wanted to take a picture. I told him that he shouldn’t because the guy was with his kid. I kind of felt he was off limits. So we just stared at him a lot. #notcreepyatall

Finally, we met up with friends for dinner. At this super fancy establishment called The Cheesecake Factory, have you heard of it? I’m kidding. Not fancy, but it worked and we had such a good time.

I went to law school with those two, Jamie and Adrian, and they’ve been on the blog before, but it’s been years. It was so good to see them and we laughed for hours. Jamie and I skipped class once to see Eminem’s 8 Mile. #priorities

Oh and we saw another celebrity there too! I don’t know if celebrity is the right word, maybe it’s social influencer? Anyway we saw The Fat Jewish! And G got a picture this time.

I love his shirt!! My friend, Adrian, was completely “fan-girling” about The Fat Jewish and it was incredible. I will laugh about that for years.

We drove back to Palm Springs after dinner, and for the last two days have done pretty much nothing.

But this is a really nice place to do nothing.

Oh and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there and especially mine!

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