Two Years!

Last month, J and I celebrated our two year anniversary! Honestly, I can’t believe it. As always, time flies. This is J’s busiest time of year so we didn’t have a lot of time to celebrate, but we took a day and went rafting! Remember when I went rafting with G in 2012? How life has changed. So weird.

J and I went rafting with Forward Paddle on the Deschutes River in Maupin, Oregon and it was so much fun! The day was beautiful, the water was freezing cold, and we LOVED IT.

Here we are after we just got drenched:

Our guide was great and he made sure we really got to experience the river.

Yes, we’re all submerged in the water in the above picture. Surprisingly, we all managed to stay in the raft when we went over the rapids!

Yeah, we got a bit wet. Those last four pictures were of us going down a class 4 rapid. I can’t remember how many rapids we went down, but there was a stretch in the middle where we just floated down the river. At one point, we all got in the water with our life vests on to swim. Although, we didn’t do that much swimming…it was more like floating and avoiding rocks, but it was still great! I had to drive home in a towel, though. Completely drenched doesn’t even begin to describe how wet we were. It was totally worth it!

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Scaring the Neighbors

Every day I walk for at least 45 minutes. On the weekends I walk longer. Usually with Biff, but sometimes alone. I’m a good walker and I love it. I listen to audio books or podcasts, talk on the phone or sometimes…I don’t listen to anything. J has always talked about wearing a weight vest when he walks. He’s walked the Camino in Spain a few times and usually preps by wearing a weight vest. Well, I finally ordered one.

And yep, I look like a psycho. Pretty sure it’s scaring the neighbors, but no one’s called the cops yet. I’ve had it about a week now and I think I’m getting an awesome workout, but honestly, it really feels the best when I take the f*cking thing off. Whoa. Here’s to scaring the neighbors some more!

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The Beach and More Birthdays!

I was pretty brave and decided to take Kennedy on a road trip with me to visit my friend, Joy, and her family in Cannon Beach, Oregon. They were camping there over the weekend and it’s only about 1.5 hours from Portland. Naturally, Kennedy was thrilled to hang out with me for the day, especially since we picked up a big box of donuts on the way.

I was really excited for Kennedy to meet Joy’s kids because they’re all around the same age. I’ve wanted to take Kennedy with me to Seattle for a weekend, but a weekend seemed like a LONG time. This was good because it was just a day trip so if the kids hated each other, we would be leaving shortly anyway. And guess what? The kids had such a great time together!

And Kennedy got a piggy-back ride as we walked through town.

We were probably only in Cannon Beach for about five hours, but we had a great time and my sister got a pretty long break from being mom. Woohoo! And now, there’s a better chance that I could take Ken with me to Seattle for a weekend, too.

The rest of the weekend involved more birthdays. There are about one hundred four Leos in the family so we have a bunch of birthdays to celebrate at around the same time. My dad and my brother have birthdays in late-July and then Kaz and my mom have birthdays in mid-August. The birthday boy:

I thought it was pretty cute to see Tomoe teaching Kennedy how to peel a carrot.

It’s hard to believe how old these kids are getting. I know that everyone says that, but jeez, it’s crazy.

Finally, it was my mom’s birthday yesterday. She was out of town over the weekend so we met up today for manicures and pedicures and it was a great celebration!

Okay, maybe “celebration” isn’t the right word, but it was relaxing, quiet and we left with beautiful fingers and toes. It was pretty awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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