Breaking the Streak

All right, so it’s now December 31st. Almost 2023. And assuming I don’t get married in the next four hours, I am breaking the divorce-married-divorce streak I’ve been setting since 2019. That’s right. G and I officially divorced in 2019, I got secret-married in 2020, and then I got divorced again 2021.

Crazy, right? I kind of love it. And while I knew I probably should not continue the streak, I thought it would be hilarious if I did. I would have loved telling my family about it too. Alas, I’m not getting married tonight and I’m trying to make better decisions when it comes to relationships. I’m making no promises, though. You’re welcome.

Wow, 2022 was so much different than I ever could have predicted. I’ve learned a lot. And as I’m sitting here tonight by myself, with a face mask on, binge-watching Schitt’s Creek, I’m looking forward to my next adventure. Nothing about my life has been predictable or traditional and I don’t want that to change.

And here’s a couple of pictures of my big dumb face. The first is before a synchro event thing and the second is from this morning (I got the mug as a gift).

Happy New Year! May 2023 bring all the good things to you and yours.

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Happy Thanksgiving, a couple of birthdays, and Merry Christmas!

Yeah, a little late on this one too. First, Thanksgiving. Tot got all dressed up:

For the wrong holiday. He was a dinosaur.

I love the dinosaur/Christmas theme we had going on at Thanksgiving.

The nieces and nephews are basically adults now. I can’t wait for them to get jobs and buy me stuff.

There were other people at Thanksgiving, I just don’t have any pictures of them. Sorry peeps.

However, my sister’s non-profit had it’s third birthday celebration and I have a picture of my mom, my sister, and me at the event:

Tot also celebrated a birthday! He turned TWO in December.

Remember when he was just a baby? OMFG.

Guess what he got for his birthday? You’ll never guess, but it’s the cutest f*cking thing.

I mean, can you even handle it?!! The sleeves AND POCKETS! I die. The best part is that whenever I take it off of him, he tries to grab it to tear it apart!!! I love him so much. Even when the chihuahua in him makes him a f*cking nightmare.

Finally, Christmas!! My family didn’t do anything for Christmas this year, which was actually pretty awesome.

George and I decided to get together to eat pizza and watch holiday classics like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Single Drunk Female”…it was a very Merry Christmas.

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Long story short, we loved Cartagena – even though it was so f*cking humid. OMG, the humidity. We were sweating all the time. I hated that. A lot.

But the Walled City of Cartagena’s Old Town is just so beautiful.

The walls around Old Town are very thick and there are stairs to get to the top of them. We walked on the walls every day. It was a fun way to walk into Old Town and there was also a pretty good breeze up there.

G and I toured the Castle San Felipe de Barajas, which was very interesting and had an incredible view of Cartagena.

We got walk through the tiny tunnels throughout the fort, which nice because it was cooler than being outside, and also just a bit freaky.

I wish I could describe the humidity. G and I were dying. I took pics of both of us when we decided to find air conditioning and we were just “glowing.” My hair curled like crazy too.

Whoa G. Whoa.

We couldn’t visit Cartagena without visiting the La Gorda Gertrudis Statue! Apparently, if you rub her breast, you will have good luck. We saw her at least twice just to make sure…

G and I also had a sunset dinner at a beautiful restaurant at Cafe Del Mar. The views were incredible!

And dessert a little later that night:

Before we flew back to Medellin, we swam in the Caribbean…where both George and I lost our sunglasses!!

George lost his first. They were designer and he started losing his sh*t about it. I went in to look for his sunglasses and lost my $15 pair. We didn’t find George’s and I didn’t even look for mine. So dumb.

So that’s it! I know there’s so much more that I didn’t see and I would love to go back some day. Colombia is one of my favorite places I’ve visited. And I don’t think I’ve said anything about how inexpensive it was to visit. Like, we were shocked at how much we didn’t spend. A beautiful place with amazing people and incredible food, I can’t recommend it more.

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